Nakami Shrine

奈加美神社 Nakami-Jija Shrine

Nakami Shrine

Emperor Ojin and many other Gods are enshrined here as the Main Enshrined Deities.

The Main Shrine was built based upon the architectural style of “Sangensha nagare”in the 15th. year of Keichou (1610 A.D.).

The facade is installed with “Chidori, Nokikarahafu (Houndstooth and eaves gable decorations)” with various sculptures and gorgeous decors. The Shrine is recognized as the tangible cultural property by Osaka prefecture.

“Guji(Chief Priest)” of the Shrine has been planting a small amount of white and purple wisteria and hydrangea annually over the years, which are brightly colored in early summer and have become the highlights here. The “Jyoju Nasu(The eggplant to wish for an accomplishment)”regarded as a divine bell of the Shrine makes a gentle rolling sound that attracts some visitors to pay a visit.


834 Nakasho, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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A 10-minute walk from Iharanosato station of Nankai Railway Line
A 5-minute drive from Izumisano station