Shippouryuji-Temple in Inunaki-san


“Inunaki-san(Inunaki mountain)”was founded by Enno-Ozunu, who was honored as the founder of “Shugendo(mountain ascetic practice)”, at his age of 28. Inunaki-san has been called the “Moto-Sanjo(original mountain top)”for Inunaki-san was founded 6 years earlier than Ohomine-san. It is said that Kobo-Daishi practiced ascetic trainings here on Inunaki-san and enshrined the seven Gods of Luck leading to Inunaki-san being regarded as a sacred spiritual place.

Principal object of worship in Shippouryuji-Temple is “Kurikara Fudomyoo(Fierce Buddist Deity)” and “Migawari Fudomyoo(The God of fire acting as a substitute for prayers)” which is the largest bronze Fudomyoo in Japan. In Inunaki-san, there are seven water-falls representing seven kinds of treasure in Buddism such as gold, silver,agate,etc. Many people visit the Temple to pray for the wish fulfillment and it is said to be wonderworking.

At the back of the Main Hall, there is “Water-fall of Gyoja(mountain ascetics).” One-day experience course of “Shugendo(Ascetic trainings)”is held under the guidance by Inunaki-san’s mountain ascetics on the third Sunday during the period between March and November (Reservations required). Many ascetic practitioners, both men and women, from all over the country, come to visit here.
Objects relating to Shugendo such as treasures and documents, Inunaki-san’s traditional Budda statues, ritual implements, books, etc. are exhibited at the Asceticism Hall. (Interested parties are advised to make inquiries about the tour in advance) You will be certainly moved by the stunning “Shugendo Mandara (Buddhist visual scheme of the enlightened mind)” drawn on the ceiling of the 2nd. floor in the Asceticism Hall.

A 30-minute walk from the final bus stop of Nankai bus bound for Inunaki-san from Izumisano station of Nankai Railway Line or Hineno station of JR Hanwa Line

Tangible cultural property recognized by Osaka prefecture


8 Ohgi, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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