Kashita Shrine

加支多神社 Kashita-Jinja Shrine

Shinmeichou” (Record of God’s Names) published in 10th. century.
God of Literary and Military, God of Music, God of Prayer are enshrined here as the enshrined Deities.
Ebisu Shrine, Sainogami (Traveler’s Guardian Deity), God of Gold, theMemorial Cenotaph, Daikoku and Five Shrine Gods are enshrined in the Shrine precinct. In the Autumn Grand Festival held in October, four “Danjiris (portable shrines)” are dedicated by the Shrine parishioners in four relevant towns. The Shrine has been widely worshipped by local people and very popular as “Kashita Ebisu/Tsuruhara Ebisu” among the locals.

There is a bifurcated kusunoki(camphor wood) which is believed to be a sacred tree and a splendid pine tree whoes roots look like dragon’s legs in the stilly precinct where its serene atmosphere is able to make visitors calm.

In the Shrine, there is a “Kyudo Dohjo(Japanese archery training Hall)” which was built for the purpose of promoting “Kyudo” with the private investment made by the former Chief Priest of the Shrine. “Kyuyukai (Japanese archery Club)” members have been repeatedly training here.. The Kyudo Hall in the Shrine is located in the southernmost in Osaka. On New Year Days, “Kashita Hachiman New Year 100 shootings” are demonstrated by the participants from Kyudo Association of Osaka prefecture.

Kashita Shrine with its name derived from the place name of “Kakita/Kaida” is listed in “Engishiki

A 5-minute walk from Tsuruhara station of Nankai Railway Line


1834-2 Tsuruhara, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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