Senshu Koku Shrine(Senshu Iwafune Shrine)

泉州航空神社 Air travel Shrine

Senshu Koku Shrine(Senshu Iwafune Shrine)

The Shrine was founded for praying for the safety relating to an aviation and air travels on December 10, 1983 by taking the opportunity of the construction of Kansai International Airport, which makes this Shrine relatively new.

The Torii gate installed with a propeller is unique and impressive. It is said that this Shrine brings people good luck in the form of the protection over our skies and air travels.

The tutelary God of Iwafune Shrine, which is located in Katano city in Osaka, was devided and shared with this Shrine. The Enshrined Deity here is “Nigihayahino-Mikoto”.

Card-type amulets and “Ema” for the successful school entrance exams. are popular due to its protection against plane crashes which is likened to the failure of exams. On the occasion of the annual festival, the tea ceremony is held at “Hiun-an”. At the Aviation Museum integrated into the Shrine, you can get access to approximately 4000 pieces of information and exhibits relating to aviations free of charge.


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