Hine Shrine

日根神社 Hine-Jija Shrine

Hine Shrine

Emperor Jinmu prayed for the victory of war on his way to the eastern expedition at Hine Shrine whoes name comes from Hineno, which means God of Sun(Hi) and God of Root(Ne) are enshrined in the field(No).

Spring Festival, which was recorded in the old documents 500 years ago, is called the pillow festival due to the fact that God was transferred to another place with pillows attached to the banner. At the beginning, young women in the village gave pillows as offerings to wish for a child.

It is said that these pillows dedicated to the Shrine would give people a lot of benefits. This is the only and very rare Shrine where pillows are guarded.
Why don’t you visit and pray in the Shrine if you suffer from insomnia caused by stresses, changes of environment, etc.

The Shrine is recognized as Japan Heritage. The inner sanctuaries of Hine Shrine and Hime Shrine are recognized as tangible cultural properties by Osaka prefecture.


631 Hineno, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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