Lone Star is the TEX & MEX style standing bar & restaurant with take-out services. With an outlook of State of Texas located in southern part of the US, the restaurant provides such an array of craft beers that real cowboys would also be likely to stop by. If you inform the friendly Master of the shop of your favorite taste of beer, a beer suitable for you could be selected and served.
Among the choice on the menus, BBQ sparerib grilled with specialty sause is the most popular one. Another recommendation is a short rib bowl locally called “Chinuumi bowl” which is made for the consumption by local people using locally produced ingredients. Furthermore, Nachos, Senshu onion burger recognized as Osakamon (Osaka products) and Senshu eggplant burger which is available only seasonally between Feburary and October are served at this shop.

Go down from Izumisano station of Nankai Railway Line, take a right after passing the bus stop and then walk for 30 seconds.


4-13 Sakae-machi, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

Phone No.:


Open hours:

11:30-14:00 & 16:00-23:00


Closed on Tuesdays (Notice by Instagram)