Senshu Towel Museum

In Japan towels were first manufactured in Sano Village (current Izumisano City) in 1888.
Senshu towels are made in Japan and of reliable quality. The production is characterized by a process called Ato-zarashi, that is, where towels are washed after they are woven. Thanks to the said process, impurities contained in cotton and sizing starch are washed away, thus giving towels a high water absorpotion capability. Therefore, it is perfectly fine for you to take the towels out of the package without having to wash them at home first as they are already clean.

At “Senshu Towel Museum main building” in Izumisano visitors have the opportunity to order tailor-madel towels, appreciate the towels displayed there, and shop for other towels or towel-related products. Visitors can feel the textures of various types of towels with their own hands, and then make a purchase accordingly.

Apart from the museum, there is a shop in Rinku Premium Outlet Mall where Senshu Towels are also sold at outlet prices. Please check the towels with high water absorption capability and a pleasant texture.


8-8 Ichiba-nishi 1-chome, Izumisano City, Osaka (Senshu Towel Kan 1F) Parking spaces available.MAP

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