KIX BEER (Izumisano Brewing)

KIX BEER(Craft beer)

KIX BEER is the brewerey with the largest brewing facility in South Osaka.
Named after “KIX” which is the airport code for the Kansai International Airport, and the craft beer is produced and sold in hopes that “KIX BEER” would fly to the world.
They produce various types of craft beer with different flavors.
KIX BEER is sold at the brewery and at Machi-Dokoro, the facility which operates as a tourist information and a souvenir shop.
It is served at some restaurants in Izumisano.

The line-up of the beer

Pale Ale

It features gorgeous fragrance like citrus fruits and moderate bitterness.
By coolng it a little, you can enjoy gorgeous fragrance of the hop and taste of the malt.


It features fruity fragrance like bananas and bitterless taste.
With its very mild taste, it can be recommended for those who do not like to drink bitter beers.

Amber Ale

It features the rich flavor of roated malt, a coffee-like fragrance, and the bitterness of citrus fruits.
It has a light taste, thus allowing you to keep drinking without getting weiry of the taste.
It won the bronze medal in “Japan Great Beer Awards 2021”

Weichen Bock

This beer contains a high percentage of alchol and is made from 1.5 times as much malt as Weichen, and was awarded the gold medal in “International Beer Cup 2021”.
You can enjoy the rich and creamy taste of wheat malt and the fruity fragrance like bananas.
It won the catefory champion in “E. Wheat & Cerials” category.


This is a dark beer featuring the fragrant flavor and rich taste of malt.
This beer won the bronze medal in “Internatiional Beer Cup 2020” and in “Japan Great Beer Awards 2021”

They also produce unique craft beers, such as “Wheat Lagar”, with over 50% of its content made from wheat malt featuring smooth and fresh taste, and “Peach Ale” which is produced only seasonally.

KIX Beer sold directly at the brewery

You can buy your favorite beer for any amount you like! You can buy as little as 1g.
■If the purchase is made using “Sale by grams” the beer is poured from the tank through its cock into the PET bottle we provide or the container you bring with you.
■Please keep the beer in the refridgerator (under 10 Celcius degree) after purchase


2-2599-4 Ohnishi, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

Phone No.:


Opening hours:

Beer Stand 17:00-19:00 on Fridays, 12:00-18:00 on weekends