Kitashoji Sake Brewery Limited

北庄司酒造店 Kitashoji Sake Brewery

Kitashoji Sake Brewery Limited

Located on the bank opposite the Kansai International Airport, Kitashoji has the only Sake Breweryin Izumisano City since its establishment in 1921. scenic area with the remaining landscape of “Hinenosho” (histric remains of the medieval estate) recongnized as Japan Heritage. There are 2 large wooden brewery buildings bulit in 1921 and in 1925. About 70 years ago they started brewing “ginjoshu”, quality sake brewed from the finest rice, which was called ” Sake which is hard to get like an illusion”. The tequnique in brewing they have built up by trial and error is used in all the current sake with “Sho no Sato” brands. ” In brewing quality comes before quantity.” is their policy. They mainly produce high quality brand Sakes brewed by the traditional manual way through the whole processe. Rather than hiring Sake Brewing professionals from outside, they prefer to all employees participation led by their in-house sake prewing staff.
They hold the event ” Sake brewery festival”, the biggest brewery event is Osaka prefecture. they also provide different services venue for for the local community such as brewery tours, hall rental, and “BBQ at Izumisano Sake Brewery” with the locally produced food as the main ingredients.


3173 Hineno, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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8:00-17:00 on week days, 9:00-16:00 on weekends and holidays


As there are no fixed closing days for the Brewery, please refer to the home page for information.