Mukashin Main Shop

Mukashin Main Shop is just a one-minute walk from Izumisano sation. As they sell sweets to meet local needs, local people shop here for various purposes, such as celebraions, gifts people bring when visiting others’ houses or companies, Buhddist memorail services, and for their own use.

They have time and again created many kinds of sweets and sold to the locals in town such as : “Murashigure”, a famous Senshu confection which has been sold since the shop’s establishment in 1893, “Ganso(original ) Osaka Mitarashi Dango” , rice flour dumpling with tasty sweet and salty sauce filling inside, `Kogashi butter cake ( cake with burnt butter flavor)” which won the Grand Gold Medal in Monde Selection.

“Iroha-gura” is a confection exclusively symbolizing Izumisano. Its tasty outer shell is made from the glutinous rice grown in Izumisano, and it is named after “Iroha 48 warehouses”, some of which still remain along the shore of Izumisano. Moreover, “Oval gold coin of the rich Meshino family – Senshu onion sable” created after the Meshino family, who used to distribute merchandize to all over Japan using “Kitamae bune” ships and amassed a fortune. ” Another confection, “Oval gold coin of the rich Meshino family” was also created after the story of Meshino family and Kitamae-bune’s sailing route, which was designated as a Japan Heritage.

In Izumisano city there are the main shop and Hagurazaki shop. There are more shops in Osaka Area and various famous confections of Senshu are avialable there.

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3-11-4 Uemachi , Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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