ようこそ犬鳴山へ Welcome to Mount Inunaki

“Inunakisan” is a mountainous area located in Inunaki, Ohgi, Izumisano city. Its name is derived from mountain’s name, that’s is, “Inunakisan” of Shipporyuji Temple.

Legend about the origin of the name of Inunakisan

A hunter from Kishu was chasing after a deer with his dog.
Since he failed to catch the deer because of the dog’s barks, he angrily cut the dog’s head off. Then, the dog’s head jumped up and bit a huge snake trying to swallow the hunter, and then died with the snake.
The dog had barked because it knew its master was in danger and it was just trying to save him.
After understanding the intention of the dog, the hunter regretted his act and became an ascetic monk.
He held a service for his dog with all due respect.
It is said that the emperor of the time, after hearing the story, gave the temple the honorific mountain name of Inunakisan (which means “a mountain where a dog barks”), prefixed to the temple’s name.
“Yuru-chara” or mascot of Izumisano city, “Inunakin” was derived from this story.

The only hot spring resort in Osaka Prefecture

Inunakisan Onsen is the only one hot spring resort in Osaka Prefecture. It is called “Bijin no Yu” which means a hot spring of beautiful ladies.
After getting off the bus at the stop named “Inunakisan”, visitors can enjoy hot springs and meals in facilities such as “Fudoguchi Kan”, “Minamitei” or “Inunaki Onsen Center”.
These facilities offer different sceneries depending on the seasons which include cherry blossoms in spring, river activities in summer, beautiful Momiji or autumn-tinted mountains in fall, cold and perfectly clear atmosphere in winter.
Though situated on a different route from the trail to Inunakisan, “Yumoto Onsen Sou” (“Yamanoyu”) offers visitors a good onsen directly from a hot spring. A small facility as it is, it is a popular place for onsen lovers.


Visitors can see the Japanese cedar tree called “Noppo Sugi” as they walk along the path leading to the temple. It is said to be the tallest cedar tree in Osaka.

“Shimenawa” which represents the boundary of a sacred place was set up at the entrance of the said path.
It creates a sacred atmosphere and a feeling of tension and determination.

The landscape along the “Inunakigawa”-mountain stream is voted as one of top 100 greenery spots in Osaka prefecture.
People can enjoy the nature such as the babbling of the stream or the croaking of Kajika frogs.
If you are lucky, you can see fireflies glow in early summer.

Climbing the river further, visitors can see “Shizu no Namida Mizu” which comes from a tragic love story of a court lady “Shizu”. Visitors can also see a statue of “Fudo Myoo” standing on an open space of “Goma Kito Ba”, protecting the mountain area.
The legendary “Grave of the Royal Dog” and “Shipporyuji” Temple are also there for visitors to see. There is a stone of fortune-telling called “Kameishi”. If you visitors can lift the stone easily, their dream may come true.

Across the main hall, visitors can see the “Kiyotakido Hall” and the “Gyoja Water Fall” in which they can experience waterfall meditation regardless of genders. Many visitors from all over the country come to take the “Shugendo” training.
There are seven waterfalls in the mountain such as “Ryokai no Taki”, and many training spots such as “Nozoki Iwa”, “Ari no Towatari”, “Tainai Kuguri”. These spiritual attractions successfully attract many visitors.

By Nankai Wing Bus, 30 minues from Izumisano station of Nankai Railway, or 20 minutes from Hineno station of JR Line Get off at “Inunakisan” bus stop
You can buy “Inunakisan 1day Free Pass” at “Machidokoro” to save money.
Please refer to the time table of Nankai Bus
Parking spaces available


Ohgi, Izumisano City, Osaka