Rinku Park

りんくう公園 Rinku Park

Rinku Park

It is a park located on the bank opposite Kansai International Airport.
Facing the sea, this park serves an excellent spot for watching airplanes take off from Kansai International Airport and provides a great view overlooking Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Awaji Island.
There are a number of sight-seeing spots in the park such as “Integrated Rest Area”, “Spring of Four Seasons” which puts on a dancing water show every hour, “Uchiumi”, “Taikobashi bridge”, “Stairs of Summer Solstice”, “LOVERINKu” which has been voted as the sacred place for lovers and so on.
Why don’t you take a rest and enjoy the gentle breeze here in the park when you get tired of the crowd in the commercial area in the vicinity.


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