Izumisano Fishery Cooperative Association Aozora Market


Located inside Izumisano Fishery Port, the Market offers a wide variety of fresh fishes and shells caught early in the morning.
There are also different kinds of shops and therefore not only fishes, but also flowers, vegetables, sushi and so for sale.
It is such a vibrant wet market loved by the local people that there is literally no one who has not heard about it.
While Osaka is famous for “Kuromon Market”, “Aozora Market” is highly recommended in Izumisano.
It will surely make your day amazing!
In “Fresh seafood BBQ Market” which is open only at week ends, people can enjoy barbecue looking at the sea for 1700 Yen.
Visitors are allowed to watch auctions which begins at 14:00 every day except Wednesdays and Sundays.


2-5187-101 Shinmachi, Izumisano City, Osaka  Parking spaces availableMAP

Phone No.:

The office:+81-72-469-2340
Izumisano Fishery Cooperative Association:+81-72-462-3025

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 17:00

Cosed on