Chinu-Umi Don

“A bowl of rice or Donburil” project originated from the name “Chinu no Umi”.

Osaka Bay used to be called “the Sea of Chinu” a long time ago.
We people living in Izumisano receive many blessings from Osaka Bay and Kii Mountains.
But how much do we know about the local produce and restaurants?

It was because of this question that we would like to review our local production for local consumption again,
and then created “Cinu-Umi rice Bowl” using the ingredients produced in Senshu.

At present, there are 16 restaurants in Izumisano City where you can enjoy “Chinu-Umi Don” cooked with ingredients from the Senshu area including Izumisano.
Some restaurants provide a take-out option, so that you can also enjoy “Chinu-Umi Don” at home.
Customers who have ordered “Chinu-Umi Don” regardless of whether it is a dine-in or a take-out meal, can get “Cunu-Umi Don card” to collect stamps at each restaurant.
Please introduce and make “Chinu-Umi Don “widely known to your family and friends by using this card.

*We will stop distributing the cards as soon as they run out.