Hotel Seagull/Gabbiano

 Hotel Seagull impresses visitors with its elegantly arched glass windows which stretch out as far as their eyes can see in front of them as soon as they enter the hotel. The lobby where the sun brightly shines is filled with warmth. Through the windows at the back, hotel guests get to see the lushly green garden stretching all over them. One more impressive thing is to see so many foreign bank notes pasted all over the front desk. According to the hotel, those bills are left by foreign guests who stayed in the hotel in the past as a token of their stays.

 At the hotel, Gabbiano, the Cafe & Restaurant; Gabbiano on the first floor was renovated last year so as to give the interior of Gabbiano a new and instagenic look. Now its food and drink menus has been updated to provide so much more and we can enjoy PABLO cheese cakes well known in Osaka city.

 In addition, visitors can experience authentic Shisha (also known as Hookah water pipe) for the first time in Izumisano ,which successfully attracts many to pay a visit from all over the Senshu area.

The Hotel is a 10-minutes walk away from Iharanosato station of Nankai Railway Line and is located in the vicinity of Ikora Mall on foot.


(First floor of Hotel Seagull) 2-4-78 Shimokawaraya, Izumisano City, Osaka MAP

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Open for lunch & dinner:
Sunday-Thursday: 11:00-22:00
Friday-Saturday: 11:00-24:00





Hotel Seagull: